Joyful Destruction

This Sunday was beautiful! The day was warm and free of clouds.

Due to this my husband and I spent a good amount of time outside planting some of the seedlings I started, cleaning up around the house, and we ended the day with the first fire of the year.

We found out later that afternoon that during this our puppies were destroying our yard with glee. They were so happy with their progress!

Our dogs like to dig holes as you can see. Before all of this destruction we spent a good hour walking them around the neighborhood to release all of their energy.

We thought we had done it. Then a couple hours later we had SEVEN NEW holes in our yard!

When we finally found all of the damage it was to late. So we kept an eye out of any more digging shenanigans, and stopped them. After getting in trouble the first two times they stopped but Sid was not happy about it.

Sid spent the next 20 mins looking at me like this

At this point it was time for their dinner so he could not stay put out for long.

All we really could do was laugh it off and set out to right the damage.

I know now that they did not have enough to keep them occupied outside for hours. So from now on I will make sure to supply them with toys and other outside games to save my yard from their joyful destruction!

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