You know what is an amazing simple way to stay healthy and happy? Drink water!!

Your body is made up of 60% water. If your dehydrated, your body will start to present with problems. Your brain is actually the first to show affects from lack of water, and it can present in mood changes and memory loss. Crazy right? Maintaining a hydrated body will protect your kidneys, recover from workouts faster, prevent headaches, and even stop constipation.

It is recommended that you drink about 64oz of water everyday. Which turns out to be eight 8oz glasses.

We all know how important it is to drink water and we understand that if we are consuming the correct amount we feel better. But how do we do it? Its not by drinking sweetened or carbonated beverages. Those might sound and taste great but they typically create more health problems than they solve.

I found that if I get a new water bottle every so often I tend to consume the correct amount of water. I like to stick with ones that have straws and bright colors.

You have to find what works to motivate you. Would creating a friendly challenge with people you know to see who can constantly consume the right amount everyday help? How about making sure to drink two glasses of water every 2 to 3 hrs at work? Or making sure to drink two full 32oz water bottles a day? Find what works and stick to it!

Below are a few water bottles that make it easy to keep track of the amount you need to drink.

Motivational Water Bottle-Venture Pal

Giotto Time-Marker

I Wish This Was Wine Time-Marker


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