Always embrace your birthday with open arms.

As we get older our birthdays tend to get less and less exciting. When your growing up there is so much to look forward to! Getting to drive at 16, becoming a legal adult at 18, being able to drink at 21, and your car insurance ‘might’ drop at 25. You get excited when these big milestones come up but afterwards the excitement tends to lessen. You have other things to worry about and life does not stop to celebrate another year under the belt.

This is me and my husband on our honeymoon at the Kilkenny Castle on my Birthday!

Thats the wrong attitude in my opinion. You were born on that day! You came into the world and have affected so many people in your life. Each year is another opportunity to better yourself. To improve some aspect of your life! Each year you add on new knowledge, growth, and you touch the lives of people around you (hopefully for the better). Each breath you take all started on that one day. You can change the world and it wouldnt be possible if you were not brought kicking and screaming into this world!

So if your like me today and are celebrating your life please remember. Its not you coming one more year closer to dieing. Its a celebration of your contribution to the world around you! Be thankful and spread as much joy as possible into the world today! You never know who might need it!! Hears to getting one year better!!! 🍾🎉😎❤

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Its time to become a better person. You with me?

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