Why is love supposed to be painful?

You hear it all the time. Love is painful. Love is hard. Doesn’t sound too appealing now does it? I am coming up on my one year anniversary with my husband that I have been together with for six years. I do not believe it when people say love is painful. Its not, at least its not when your with the right person 🙂 I think its figuring out how to live with another person that can be painful at times and its hard no doubt about it.

The thing about love is its actually one of the best feelings you can ever feel. It’s a feeling that fills up all of the dark places in your heart, and heals all the bruises you have gotten over the years. How can anyone ever say that this wondrous emotion can be associated with anything negative? I have seen it with my own eyes the power this feeling can bring to people. Have you ever watched another person go through a horrible relationship but then they found someone that healed all of their hurts? That simply finding the correct person to love made them so much happier and they improved so fast you feel a little whiplash? THIS is love! If you believe that love is suppose to be hard and hurt then you need to reconsider if the person in your life is the one for you.

Understanding how to adapt to the person you are creating a life with is hard and can be painful. You might need to adjust some of the things you do all of the time to adapt to your love. But in my experience this is the hard part of living with another person and has nothing to do with love directly but rather determination. Sure you love them enough to change and you might see that as a consequence of loving that person but its not a direct result of the feeling love. Its from your determination to keep this person in your life.

Ultimately love is a happy emotion. So instead of thinking of love in a negative light remember that its what makes you happy. Love makes the world a better place! Go give the person you love a huge hug today! Life is so much sweeter when we are sharing it with the people that make us happy!

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