Read the Right Books

I love to read! I started back when I was in middle school and have had my head in a book since then. I think the amazon kindle app and audible has been the best invention since indoor plumping. But what I really did not realize was the affect those books could have on my emotional stability. I am definitely an emotional person and while I am reading books I tend to put myself in the head of the character I am reading about. How they are feeling in that part of the book can sometime bleed over in my emotions throughout the day.

I know this sounds a little ridiculous but just ask anyone who really knows me :). I love scifi books that have a lot of action. One of my favorite series is Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews. This is full of humor but has a lot of bad things that happen to the protagonist. It could put me straight into a bad mood! Then I would spend an hour pissed off at nothing before I would draw the connection that it was my book that put me in the bad mood. So I use to only ever stop on parts of the book that were happy.

When I first started to change my negative outlook to a positive one I stopped reading the books I usually read. I started to read books like The Secret, Rich Dad Poor Dad, and Think and Grow Rich. These books were all about putting yourself in a positive state of mind. As well as pointing me in the direction of what I should be doing to better improve my life. Honestly it really did make a difference!

Now I am focusing on ways to change how I am thinking to better improve my life. There is a quote that I constantly hear during my morning motivation sessions and it says. “The person you will be in 5 years is based on the books you read and the people you hang around with” by Charlie Jones. Changing the books I was reading was so simple. Its affect in my life has been nothing but positive. Its changing the people in your life that can be the challenge. Some people you can’t get away from. If that is the case than I would suggest to challenge each negative action they do with a positive one. This will either make them avoid you because negative people like to stay that way or you will start to change their outlook on life. Either way its a win win.

Ultimately the best way to stay in a positive frame of mind is to be taking in positive information. Think and Grow Rich and The Secret are both really valuable books that teach you the benefits of a positive state of being. Shout out to my wonderfully positive big brother Chris for pointing me in the direction of these books! So the next time you bring up the kindle app and start searching for your next book try out one. You never know what the benefits might provide for you in the next five years!

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