Rescue a puppy and watch your life change for the better!

My husband and I rescued our older dog Sidney. He was from a hoarding type situation, and came with a lot of emotional problems. My experience with dogs up to that point had been very easy. I had a few when I was growing up, and always got them as a puppy. So they were always out going, happy, and radiated so much joy! This is what dogs should always be like! The beacon of light in every bad day, and the laughter in every good one. If brought up with love, dogs will be this way. But if brought up in an abusive relationship with their owner, dogs will become scared and reserved in the best of cases and hostile in the worst. But either way this was the first time I had a dog that did not trust me.

The first day we brought him home he wouldn’t approach me or my husband. He stayed in the kennel we had bought him with the door open and just watched us. This happened for the first two days! I was so disappointed! I wanted to pet him, to play with him the way I wanted to. But I quickly and depressingly learned that he did not trust me yet. I had to go at his pace.

We spent the next week keeping a calm environment for Sidney, and allowed him to acclimate himself to us. Any time he would come out of his kennel we wouldn’t put up a big fuss. We just let him be. I will never forget the first time he climbed up on my lap for snuggles! It was one of the most exciting and heartbreaking moments I can remember.

My husband was at work at the time, and Sidney was feeling comfortable enough to sit on the couch beside me. It was so hard for me not to reach out and try to pet him! But I just focused on the T.V. and let him come to me. By that time I had almost forgotten he was there, and when he first snuggled up to my side I was startled. But then I got excited! He came over to me! Then he crawled about one quarter of the way on to my lap and just paused. I could feel the tension in his body. After a minute or two he took a deep breath and relaxed. More time passes and he crawls halfway onto my lap, tenses, and then relaxes after a minute. I was so excited! Then he finally just climbed all the way on!! Once he relaxed I started to pet him. Initially he tensed again but I stayed relaxed and calm. Then after a minute he relaxed and after five minutes he fell asleep. I will remember how this made me feel to the end of my days. It was such a crazy mix of emotions. I was so proud that he took a chance on trusting me, I was angry at the person who abused his trust, and just wanted to make all the pain he had been through go way! My heart was bleeding for this cute little puppy!

From then on Sidney got better faster. We did everything we could to make him feel like he can trust us with anything. No matter how many accidents he had in the house lol! Pretty soon he was crawling all over us. I can literally say without a doubt that getting Sidney changed my life for the better. He still has things that he is not sure of but now he will look to me when he needs reassurance. I gave him that person he can lean on just by treating him with the love that he should have always had. So the next time your thinking about getting a puppy. Look into rescuing one. It can be one of the most rewarding things you will ever do!

Do not let disappointments get you down.

I received some pretty upsetting news today. It really got me down, and I in all honestly I am still really disappointed right now. But I keep telling myself that it just was not meant to be and life will go on. I will find what I am looking for life just needs to teach me a few lessons first. If I have learned anything over the past few years, its that the universe gives you what you are asking for only when you are ready to receive it.

Failure sucks but its one of the best teaching tools you will ever come across. My 6 years of training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has very pointedly burned that into my brain. You learn the most by failing initially. It teaches you what you should not do, and gives you a better idea of what might work. So whenever you hit a stubbling block like I did today take a step back, and try to find what this experience has taught you. How can you improve on what you failed at? What can you do to change the outcome? When you find your answer attempt that. If that does not work then repeat the above process.

The only way you truly lose is when you accept failure. When you decide to give up on what you want and settle for what you have. No one has ever gotten to the top by giving up. So I am going to figure out what my next step is and take it. I suggest you do the same whenever you are faced with failure.

Trust in yourself, and stop listening to others

How many times in your life have you shared a dream or an idea with someone and they have shut you down? Really think about it. Was it a family member or a coworker? How did that make you feel? What did you do? Did you throw that dream out or did you pursue it still? There are people out there that hate to see people succeed in life. They are jealous of talent, and ridicule people who go for their dreams. When this negativity is coming from your family it can be extremely detrimental to your personal growth. You can shrug off a coworkers opinions. They do not know the real you. They did not see where you came from or who you had to become to grow from your past experiences. But when it comes from family it almost always stops you in your tracks.

The only advise I can give to someone who had their dream stomped on by people who never got ahead in life is to prove them wrong. You are literally the only person that can make your dreams come true. Someone who has never pushed for better is always looking to be around people who have the same lack of ambition. They do not want to see others success because it reminds them that they could have had better in life. They just didn’t put in the work. You put in the work! You make your dreams a reality. In today’s world, where information is at the tips of your fingers, you do not have an excuse. Work towards your dreams, or stay unmotivated. It’s no one else’s fault but yourself. Read the quote below anytime you need to remember who is in control of your ambitions.

My will shall shape the future. Whether I fail or succeed shall be no man’s doing but my own. I am the force; I can clear any obstacle before me or I can be lost in the maze. My choice; my responsibility; win or lose, only I hold the key to my destiny.

By: Elaine Maxwell

My mother gave this quote to me in a frame for my high school graduation present. Though the dreams and goals I had at that time were different I still worked towards them until my dreams changed. Remember as you develop and learn more your dreams should change. Do not hold onto something that you have out grown. Take one step closer to your goal each and every day. This goes back to what I said before in the ‘5 simple things to do to make your day better‘ post. Do one thing a day towards your goal. Do not let anyone tell you that its not possible. People have done more with less! Its all about your attitude!

I am pursuing a goal that I have been developing for the past year with my husband. We both realized that we want more out of life and started to work towards them. Now we are looking at an amazing opportunity that we might have passed up if this was the same time last year. Once you have decided to improve your life the universe will move things to make it happen. So go after your dreams with everything you have. You have one life in this world, make it what you want it to be!!

Do something fun today!

Its Monday and it can be hard to get excited about a new work week. That just makes it all that more important that you find someway to make your day fun! You can do what I like to do and go find a bunch of funny memes that make me laugh. Monday’s are normally our clean up from the weekend days so finding some fun in the day is rather hard. It could be as simple as walking your dog in a new area or taking a new route back to work. You never know what you might find! But for now please enjoy these few laughs to kick start the day in the right direction.

Here are some good laughs! Enjoy your day :)

I hope you had a good laugh and enjoy the rest of your day!

5 simple things to do to make your day better

One: Be Grateful

This is probably one of the most important things to do to put yourself on a positive frequency for the day. When its either the beginning of the day, during a time of frustration, or whenever you need to feel better you should say thank you. But do not just say it. You need to feel it! You need to allow yourself to enjoy the things you have in life, and be thankful for them. Be thankful for any problems that occur in your day. There is always a lesson to be learned so take a second to appreciate it.

Two: Smile

I have been over the importance of smiling in my post ‘Smile’. Basically, you make your brain happy when you smile. Even if you are forcing a smile your brain will still produce the hormones that are released when your happy. Its a trick that you can use at anytime, anywhere, and with anyone.

Three: Laugh

Laughing has similar, if not better, affect on your brain that smiling does. One of the most amazing things that I have learned about laughing is that it actually increases your immune system. ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne shares a story about a man who essentially cured himself of cancer by laughing. Whether you believe that or not, is completely up to you but no one can dispute that it makes you feel better! Check out my post ‘Laugh at Least Once a Day‘ for more information.

Four: Take a Deep Breath

So simple right? Breathe. We do it all day every day and never really think about it. Taking a deep breath increases the amount of oxygen in your body, and triggers the parasympathetic nervous system. This is your ‘rest and digest’ function in your body, and is essentially saying ‘we are OK its time to relax’. In yoga and mediation they encourage you to focus on your breathe. This puts you in the correct state of mind to focus on relaxing. Check out my post “Lets all Take a Deep Breath” for the benefits of this simple function.

Five: Do one thing a day towards your goal

This is how successful people develop. They find what they want, set a goal to achieve it, and do one thing everyday towards that goal. Even if you only have a few minutes between appointments or you are tired from a long day at work. Taking the time everyday to work towards what you want is the best way to achieve it. This can be something as simple as writing an idea down that will help you in your future plans. But whatever it is make it a habit to always improve.

Writing these blogs are my one thing everyday towards a better me. I always have to be positive when I write these and so far I have had a blast! I use all of these techniques in my everyday life. It makes me feel better even on days I am having a rough day. So before you allow yourself to fall into getting truly angry over something take a few seconds to practice one of these steps.

How to get through a rough day.

I’m having one of those today. A rough day can really make you second guess the reason behind being positive. Its these days that matter. The ones that you are feeling so frustrated and upset that the very idea of positivity makes you want to scream at the world saying ‘this shouldn’t be so hard!’. These are the times that improvement happens. Its easy to stay positive when you are in a positive mood. Not so much when you are feeling frustrated. A bad day can start from any situation that can cause you stress, and its your reaction to those stressors that separates you from the negative people in life.

Mine started today with my older dog Sid not wanting to eat his food. If you have read my previous post about ‘How I saved my sanity by changing my dogs food.’ You know that I go above and beyond for those dogs, and him not eating his food is kind of ironic. When Sid calmly walks up to his bowl sees his least favorite meal of the week and then walks away with a swish of his tail, depending on the day, I see red. It makes me want to grab him by his cute little face, stare deeply into his eyes, and yell ‘there are starving dogs everywhere that would do just about anything for this food’!! On days that start positively I can calmly tell myself that he is not hungry, and he will eat later in the day. When I start the day on a rough note however, I feel the need to leave the house and never come back. Seriously…he is the worst sometimes.

But after spending the first hour or two of the day frustrated and ranting that Sid can get his own damn food. I had to stop myself. I knew that if I kept on letting it bother me that the rest of the day is going to be ruined. So I gave myself a mental slap, forced a smile, and started talking to people about positive stuff. I kept my smile in place even when things at work were looking glum. This is where you see change in your mental patterns. When you are able to tell yourself that the only way to feel better today is to fake it until you make it.

You are the only one in your way when it comes to your own happiness. Before I started on my journey to a better self I would wallow in my frustration. I would spend the entire day with a bad attitude and things would only ever get worse. But now I try my hardest to pull myself out of a bad mental space. Its a good day to be a happy person, and I will stop at nothing to make it better. So enjoy today and do not let anything stop you!

Its time for Halloween and the Leonard house is up and ready!

My husband is a huge fan of Halloween. October is one of the most fun months for us because we go to haunted hayrides, corn mazes, and theme parks. There is something to be said about enjoying a good scare once in a while. It gets the blood pumping πŸ™‚ But I believe, in the recent years, the most fun thing for my husband is decorating our house for Halloween, and it brings out the little kid in him. He had so much fun getting all it all set up, and this year he was especially proud of his idea to set the ghosts up over the grave yard. Check it out πŸ™‚

Though the idea of us getting excited about such a spooky Holiday might seem weird. It really is fun, and we both enjoy it. I think this is one of the reasons we are as close as we are. For me, Halloween was fun but I was always more excited for Christmas. The music, cookies, and family get together’s are wonderful! It wasn’t until I met Kevin that I realized how much more fun October is than dressing up for candy one day out of the month. So whatever time of the year is your favorite, embrace it, and enjoy the little things! Have a wonderful day and a spooky October!!

Become a F#$*ing Lion!!!!!

When I first started my Journey to a better head space I started my day off listening to motivational music. I really needed a jump start on the day, and this would do the trick. I would listen to someone telling me that if I want something better in life than I have to make it happen. You do not get things that you haven’t worked for. The motivational music pushed me to keep focused on what I want out of life, and what I would need to do to make that happen. One of my favorites, and the one that pumps me up the most is ‘the Lion’s attitude’.

Before I go farther let me explain exactly why a Lion is something to be revered when you are trying to create a better world for yourself. When a Lion is ready to hunt he sit back and watch a pack of gazelle. When he finally chooses a victim he will stop at nothing to accomplish his goal. Even if another gazelle practically runs into his mouth he will ignore all but the one he decided he wants. Whether this is a good survival practice or not it is something to be admired. It’s also probably why the lionesses spend most of the time hunting.

We can all learn from a Lion’s tenacity. If you want something you have to go for it. Do not let yourself be sidetracked. No matter what that distraction can be you need to be laser focused on your ideal life or you will not reach it. Another reason why we should try to emanate Lion’s is their regalness. A pack of Hyena’s are one of the most dangerous animal groups. They are strong, capable, and together they can take on a Lion. But when you hear a Hyena’s yip comparatively to a Lion’s roar. The Lion’s roar is going to the one that prompts you to go grab a fresh pair of underwear if you get what I’m saying ;-). This is an animal that is completely confident that it can take down whatever comes in his path, because out in the wild you do not get to second guess yourself. In a survival situation you want to be strong enough to take care of yourself. and not rely on your pack to get you out of trouble. So take tenacity and apply it to whatever goal you are trying to accomplish. BE A LION!