Give yourself 10 seconds

One of the best ways to calm, and center yourself is to take a deep breath. When you add that with counting you can trick your brain to relax. The next time you need to calm down take a deep breath in while counting to 10, and then let it out while counting backwards from 10. This will distract your brain from the problem at hand and bring it back into calm awareness. Enjoy your day and remember to take a deep breath!

Today is Global Cat Day!

Did you know that October 16th is Global Cat Day? This day was created to recognize these cute furry creatures and hope that we can bring awareness to the increasing number of cat’s that need to be adopted. If you are looking to get a new buddy then please check out this adoption website to help find a home for a cat in need! Cat Adoption. Cats are wonderfully self reliant, predators, and they purr when they are happy! What more can you ask from a cute little rodent killer wrapped up fur? So take sometime today to either love the cats you already have or consider adopting one!


You know what is an amazing simple way to stay healthy and happy? Drink water!!

Your body is made up of 60% water. If your dehydrated, your body will start to present with problems. Your brain is actually the first to show affects from lack of water, and it can present in mood changes and memory loss. Crazy right? Maintaining a hydrated body will protect your kidneys, recover from workouts faster, prevent headaches, and even stop constipation.

It is recommended that you drink about 64oz of water everyday. Which turns out to be eight 8oz glasses.

We all know how important it is to drink water and we understand that if we are consuming the correct amount we feel better. But how do we do it? Its not by drinking sweetened or carbonated beverages. Those might sound and taste great but they typically create more health problems than they solve.

I found that if I get a new water bottle every so often I tend to consume the correct amount of water. I like to stick with ones that have straws and bright colors.

You have to find what works to motivate you. Would creating a friendly challenge with people you know to see who can constantly consume the right amount everyday help? How about making sure to drink two glasses of water every 2 to 3 hrs at work? Or making sure to drink two full 32oz water bottles a day? Find what works and stick to it!

Below are a few water bottles that make it easy to keep track of the amount you need to drink.

Motivational Water Bottle-Venture Pal

Giotto Time-Marker

I Wish This Was Wine Time-Marker

Step outside into positivity!

I think we all can agree there is something so calming about being out in nature. I can spend time listing all the amazing physiological changes your body goes through when you place yourself by a body of water. Or talk about how amazing the air smells when you are on top of a mountain peak. I could also go in-depth on why getting out of the stuffy four walls we enclose are self into can correct preexisting health conditions. But I’m not. Instead I am going to show you some awesome pictures of my husband and I enjoying the great outdoors!

These are all great examples of how to enjoy nature. But you do not have to go this far to get great results. Simply taking a step out of your house is a good place to start! Go to the nearest park if you live in the city. But wherever you go and however far you travel just enjoy the time spent with this beautiful planet!

Challenge yourself

Let 2020 be the year that you take yourself to the next level!

Learn something new everyday! Learning does not stop after you graduate. There is no much more out there! Pick up a new hobby or read about a subject you have always been interested in. Whatever you do make sure you are always growing.

Push yourself to become better at what you like to do. Make it to that next level! Be proud of how far you have come but know that there is always room to improve.

The second you stop learning you have given up one of the best things we have available to us in this age. The ability to learn anything we want! Between google or YouTube we have access to so many new opportunities than we had before.

You do not even have to go as far as learning a new hobby. You can simply learn how to fix something in the house or on your car. Whatever you are doing give yourself the pat on the back you deserve for developing your skills.

Always push the boundaries! The rewards are endless! What did you learn today?

What are YOU thankful for?

We say thank you just about everyday in one way or another. Most of the time its on autopilot while we are just getting through the day. Thanks for holding the door open, giving me a heads up before something big happens, or for completing something that saved me time in my day. Generally, we say thank you to other people to make them feel better for doing something for us. But how many times a day do you say ‘thank you’ for everything you have in life?

I start my days with two things everyday to put me in a good mood. Motivational speeches, and a list of things I am thankful for. Every morning I open up my ‘daily gratefulness’ journal, and start listing what I am thankful for. I keep my list over three items all the times, and if I am having a bad day it might take me a while to write these out. But I make sure to do it, and take the time to FEEL what I am writing. To truly welcome the warmth that saying ‘thank you’ gives me.

It is really hard to stay upset when you are forcing your brain to think about what makes you happy. I do not list the same things every day. Though some do come more frequently than others. But I try to keep myself aware of when something good happens, and make sure I take out the time during the day to focus on why I am thankful. If there is just one thing I could tell you to do to re-train your brain for happiness it is to say ‘thank you’!! So take sometime today to pause in whatever you are doing and remember to feel thankful for what you have!

Don’t be THAT person…

We all know who i’m talking about. You know, the person who has a bad day and tries to hurt everyone around them. I know a few, and can honestly say I was that person once in a while. When you are hurting emotionally, and you are immature you want everyone to feel how you feel. Its so easy to snap at someone when your in a bad mood. Its a lot harder to respond calmly when your upset.

Serving tables taught me this. You learn how to control yourself better when all your income depends on it. Most of the time people are really wonderful. But every once in a while I would get a table of very unhappy people. Maintaining my professionalism and not allowing their actions to instigate a reaction from me became important. Or when I did have that bad table and it put me into a bad mood I would still have to maintain a happy face no matter what. Some people have never been in a position like that. So they go about their lives treating everyone around them bad on days they are not happy.

Ultimately its really not OK to lash out at others for your own bad mood. Remember that everyone is going through their own problems and its important to not hurt someone for no reason. You never know how your actions affect another person. So the next time you are having a bad day, and feel the need to lash out, stop and think. Do they deserve this? How will my reaction affect my future relationship with this person? Or, will lashing out at this person really make me feel better?

Look within yourself!

If you are looking for a better life you need to start with yourself first. So many people, including me, look to other people to make us happy. We tend to put to much value on how others perceive us. Whether that is your parents, significant other, or your social media following, you make their opinion matter to you. But if you truly want to be happy you need to look within yourself first.

You need to love yourself before you can truly love another. If you do not then you will more than likely put your happiness at their feet. How they make you feel will be what gets you through. If you have found your one and only. The person that fixes all the holes that other people have made. Then this person will help you learn to love yourself. They will show you all the good and support your journey to a better self.

But if that is not the case, then your lack of love for yourself can be destructive. They will more than likely make you hate yourself more. To avoid this all together you need to be at peace with who you are before you allow another person into your personal space. Take care of yourself first!

You need to develop yourself first before you can get what you want in life. Not many people know exactly what they want from the get go. Most of the time life takes you on windy little back roads to your purpose. You need to find what you want in life and go for it. Put in the work and you will get what you want. Love yourself and who you have become to get to this stage in life. Its all about the journey!

No matter what you are trying to do if you look inwards and work on yourself first what you want will come to you in the best of ways!

Rescue a puppy and watch your life change for the better!

My husband and I rescued our older dog Sidney. He was from a hoarding type situation, and came with a lot of emotional problems. My experience with dogs up to that point had been very easy. I had a few when I was growing up, and always got them as a puppy. So they were always out going, happy, and radiated so much joy! This is what dogs should always be like! The beacon of light in every bad day, and the laughter in every good one. If brought up with love, dogs will be this way. But if brought up in an abusive relationship with their owner, dogs will become scared and reserved in the best of cases and hostile in the worst. But either way this was the first time I had a dog that did not trust me.

The first day we brought him home he wouldn’t approach me or my husband. He stayed in the kennel we had bought him with the door open and just watched us. This happened for the first two days! I was so disappointed! I wanted to pet him, to play with him the way I wanted to. But I quickly and depressingly learned that he did not trust me yet. I had to go at his pace.

We spent the next week keeping a calm environment for Sidney, and allowed him to acclimate himself to us. Any time he would come out of his kennel we wouldn’t put up a big fuss. We just let him be. I will never forget the first time he climbed up on my lap for snuggles! It was one of the most exciting and heartbreaking moments I can remember.

My husband was at work at the time, and Sidney was feeling comfortable enough to sit on the couch beside me. It was so hard for me not to reach out and try to pet him! But I just focused on the T.V. and let him come to me. By that time I had almost forgotten he was there, and when he first snuggled up to my side I was startled. But then I got excited! He came over to me! Then he crawled about one quarter of the way on to my lap and just paused. I could feel the tension in his body. After a minute or two he took a deep breath and relaxed. More time passes and he crawls halfway onto my lap, tenses, and then relaxes after a minute. I was so excited! Then he finally just climbed all the way on!! Once he relaxed I started to pet him. Initially he tensed again but I stayed relaxed and calm. Then after a minute he relaxed and after five minutes he fell asleep. I will remember how this made me feel to the end of my days. It was such a crazy mix of emotions. I was so proud that he took a chance on trusting me, I was angry at the person who abused his trust, and just wanted to make all the pain he had been through go way! My heart was bleeding for this cute little puppy!

From then on Sidney got better faster. We did everything we could to make him feel like he can trust us with anything. No matter how many accidents he had in the house lol! Pretty soon he was crawling all over us. I can literally say without a doubt that getting Sidney changed my life for the better. He still has things that he is not sure of but now he will look to me when he needs reassurance. I gave him that person he can lean on just by treating him with the love that he should have always had. So the next time your thinking about getting a puppy. Look into rescuing one. It can be one of the most rewarding things you will ever do!