Its cold!

It seems like Fall was a blink this year. Now we are in the beginnings of snow season, and It was COLD out there this morning! Not many people truly love winter. How can you when the very idea of going outside in these temperatures makes you start shivering? But lets try to remember how much fun we use to have in the snow when we were younger.

Not only did we get to make snowmen, drink hot chocolate, and go sledding but we also got SNOW DAYS! They were the best! I remember spending so much time in the snow that coming back inside hurt! Your hands and feet burned until they warmed up. A warm cup of hot coco always did the trick though.

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But as an adult it can be hard to get behind scraping our cars, salting the driveway, and paying the heating bill. I think we need to connect with our inner child when we start to get frustrated over winter weather. Remember how fun it use to be, and then go try to find that fun again. This cycle is important for next years crops to grow strong, and I like to think of it as the world resting. However you rationalize it to yourself you cannot escape it so instead of begrudging the whole season try to find some joy in it.

Happy Monday!

Today is Monday and if you are like me its the first day in a long week of work. Normally people spend the day bemoaning the start of the week and longing for the weekend. But lets flip the switch today!

Instead of focusing on how long the week is going to take try being grateful! I am happy to have this job. It allows me to live my life in relative comfort. I feed my adorable puppies on the income it generates, and there are some really great people there I am glad I met!

Everyone always dreams of not needing to work. At least I do sometimes 🙂 and what we do when we think like that is we put our jobs in a bad light. That creates resentment towards the main resource in our lives. We spend more time at our jobs than out of it so its time to create a happier life and enjoy what we have!

So while you are at work today look around. Really take in your surroundings and be thankful. Not everyone has what you have. Its time to become happy!!

Have a cold? Try tricking your brain :)

No one likes having a cold. The coughing, sneezing, and lack of sleep is hard to deal with in the busy life style we hold.

Our brains can be the most powerful tool in getting over a cold. The beautiful thing about that wonderful lump of gray mass in that it can be tricked rather easily. You see this often in very positive people. Negative people have a tendency to focus really hard on how bad they are feeling. Where with positive people they tend to focus on the areas that are improving.

Last week I got one of those lovely little chest colds, and I decided to put this to the test. Instead of focusing on how bad I felt I tried to think of at least three ways a day that I was feeling better. This helped keep me in a positive mindset. It might not have actually sped the healing process, though there is evidence to suggest this happens, but it did make going through my cold not a bad as usual.

One thing I would like to say about treating your cold is to pay attention to sugar. I am currently in the process of riding all refined sugar and refined carbohydrates out of my diet. They are incredibly bad for your overall health. But one of the main things that sugar does is increase inflammation. You can see how this would bother you if you are already in a inflamed state.

One of my go to’s when sick is Halls cough drops. Normally I live on those when I have a cold. But the other day I decided to check the packaging to see how much sugar each cough drop contains. There is nothing to indicate the exact amount but I found that it had red 40 and sucrose in it. Red 40 is dye and has been linked to cancer. So I immediately stopped using these.

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I wanted to share the cough drop story just to show you how something simple like this can be overall bad for your health. The worse part about it is that it is literally made to make you feel better during a cold but is comprised of bad ingredients that will hurt you in the long run. Not worth it in my opinion.

So the next time you are feeling under the weather try focusing on how your improving verses how bad you feel. Focus on making sure you are taking medicine that will actually help and not hurt you. You might surprise your self on how much easier it is to get better.

What makes you feel better?

How do you make yourself feel better when your sick? I am feeling a little under the weather today. It can be hard to be positive when your feeling bad. But I have two amazing little bundles of joy that make me feel better. Yup, you guessed it, I am talking about my cute puppies!!

I came home today with the intention of finding the nearest horizontal surface to pass out on. Instead I got bombarded with excited puppies! I am truely amazed at how seeing their faces made my headache hurt less. Now I get to spend the rest of the day snuggling with them 🙂 take a look at their cute shenanigans..

Yes…I am wearing christmas pajama pants and a halloween shirt. I haven’t figured out which holiday I like best 🤣 have a good day!

Mistakes mean you are still learning

No one likes to make mistakes.

Unfortunately, mistakes are a great training tool

Over the last few weeks I have been learning a lot. Between learning a new test at work, developing my painting skills, and learning new songs for my band I am spending a lot of time trying to develop new skills. Which means I am making a lot of mistakes.

I HATE to make mistakes. When I am training someone in something new I remember how I started, and how many mistakes I made at the beginning. So I am very much aware that the person I am training has little to no experience with something that I am very comfortable with. Since I myself have such an issue with mistakes I try to be realistic. I expect that they are going to take some wrong turns, and I make sure to focus on the positive so I am not shutting them down.

The problem with mistakes is the shut down afterwards. That initial reaction to someone’s mistake or our own is, in my opinion, the tipping point between scaring someone and invigorating them to continue. If their is an immediate strong negative reaction when a mistake is made the likelihood of that person being as invested in whats they are learning decreases. But if the reaction is supportive and leading then they are more aware of the issue in a positive way.

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Associating a mistake with a negative reaction will generally stop someone from wanting to continue. Obviously, this type of reaction is good for things like touching a hot object or running with scissors. But when its applied to learning a new skill like riding a bike. A slip and fall met with an angry outburst is not all that encouraging. It takes all of two seconds to take a deep breath and react with patience while someone is learning. Remember that its not the end of the world, and the next time you are teaching someone try to make the experience fun! They are more likely to stay invested if they feel excited versus frustrated.

How I decided to deal with my work stress today

I put stress relief tea in the travel mug with my companies logo on it. Lately, it has been really stressful at work. I am learning a new test from someone who is very hard to work with. I also have to maintain responsibilities from my old position because the replacement for my job broke her foot the day before her first day. This has created a lot of stress for me and honestly I was not dealing with it well.

So this morning I decided to trick my brain. I stared at the words stress relief and DSM this morning. I forced myself to feel happy about going to work. Every time I took a sip from my mug I told myself I would have a good day at work.

When I got to work and the person who is training me was rude I forced myself to remember the above image. Stress is created within ourselves. We allow things to bother us. The next time you become stressed think of why its good that you are in this situation now. Remember to breathe! Enjoy your Halloween!!!

Its all in your approach

Your approach to situations in your life is how you control your emotional stability. If you fly off the handle any time something even slightly inconvenient happens your health is going to suffer. We all like when everything goes perfectly to plan but we also know that usually does not happen. So taking steps to increase your adaptability in life will support your happiness over the years.

Things like stopping to take a breath, focusing on the good aspects, or grounding yourself are great ways to keep your emotional state stable. When I say grounding I mean the practice of noticing things in your vicinity. People who suffer from panic attacks tend to use this technique when they are first noticing signs of an attack. They simply look around and notice what is near them; a chair, the door, some flowers. By focusing on these things they are forcing their brain to focus on the objects and not on what might have triggered their panic attack.

Whatever you do to calm yourself try applying those techniques when you are approaching something that might increase your anxiety. Also, just simply approaching everything you do with an open mind and happy attitude will make things better. Getting upset when things do not go right is normal but your shooting yourself in the foot if you are approaching things with the idea that its already going to be bad. Go out today and great everything new with an open mind and a happy heart!

Enjoy the little things in life!

We all tend to be focused on the future and how to get where we want to go. But sometimes you just have to stop and enjoy the little things in life.

Like Sid’s bad hair day 🙂
Or his cute little eyes 🙂
The beautiful view after a climb up a mountain
And spending time with your favorite people!

Whatever you do today make it fun! Enjoy where you are in the process of getting to where you want to be. Its not about the destination but the journey right?

Long days…they are great right?

Today was a long day for me. I start off the day training for my new position at work. Then I go home, feed dogs, feed humans, workout, shower, and I ended the night with class work on becoming a health coach! Yup, you read that right. I am currently taking the Integrative Nutrition class on health coaching. More on that later 😉😎. Back to my original point…today was a long day. Even though I am currently at the end of the day, and so tired I feel pretty rung out I am proud of how this day went.

I put in good work, and im happy with how the day went. Sometimes we can end up in a rut. We get used to out little routines because its relaxing but every once in a while its nice to disrupt the usual. So spend sometime this week learning something new or getting a different hair cut. Whatever you do make it fun and exciting! Enjoy!!