Positivity Vs. Negativity


A couple of days ago I started to read ‘Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude” By Napoleon Hill. The first part of the book spends a lot of time talking about PMA vs. NMA. PMA stands for positive mental attitude and NMA stands for negative mental attitude. The author describes these two as two sides of the same coin. One can get you anything you have ever desired and the other will repel anything good that can come into your life. Its all about how to approach things. After reading ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by the same author I already had a good idea that to get head in life I need to fix my mental structure.

I think a lot of us have to do that. We spend every day with negative things thrown at us from every angle. Just pay attention to the news anytime you need to see how negative the world can be. Every story has been sensationalized to draw attention, and people are attracted to the negative things in life. Who got shot the other day, who is to blame for all our political issues, what court trails are happening, or who made what mistake and how its affecting everyone. Go take two minutes to look up how caffeine affects you. You will see just as many negative affects as you will see positive. No matter what, to be a positive person in this world takes hard work.

So by channeling the PMA side of the coin. You are essentially making a decision to approach life with an open mind. Now you will start seeing possibilities instead of problems. Seriously, its as simple as that! Once you focus on the good you can see more good around you. Ever notice that when one bad thing happens and you react negatively towards that you are generally rewarded with more bad things? That is what is happens when you switch to PMA! Give it a try! You never know what might happen!

If you find this difficult and are in need of a guide to get through this please contact me. As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach I am trained to help people find the good in their life and to stick with it. For more information check out my website at www.rejuvenateinschoharie.com.

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Who needs a little cuteness today?

Who needs some cuteness?

What I mean is who needs a good dose of happy hormones to get them through the day?

Our bodies are amazing pieces of bio-machinery! Just looking at a cute picture will initiate the process of release hormones that makes you happy.

Our brain gets excited and says “hey that is pretty adorable and we like this!” cue the happy feelings ASAP! Same thing goes for when you are confronted with something that is upsetting or makes you angry.

This essentially means that if you want to feel better you need to do is trigger a happy response from your brain. I have written about how to trick your brain to be happy in Smile!, Say Thank You!, and Laugh at Least Once a Day. Check these tricks out and apply them to your life!

I will start you off the right way today with some cute pictures of my adorable puppies!

To actually make the trick work you need to let yourself feel. You need to look at whatever cute picture you like and embrace the emotion. Sink in. Breathe out all of the bad. Try doing this any time you are really upset. Put a cute picture in your wallet, or place one at your desk. Whatever you do make it accessible. Then anytime you need a pick me up gaze at the cute picture and embrace how it makes you feel. Be present and your brain will do the rest!

There are many other ways to ‘trick’ your brain. If you are interested please contact me @pleonard1422@gmail.com!

Learn to be OK with people not liking you

Everyone wants to be liked

But if your a ‘people pleaser’ it can be very hard to deal with people that do not like you.

My husband is really good with this. If someone doesn’t like him he is completely fine with that. He just puts that person out of his head and allows them to soak in their hatred.

Me, on the other hand? I have been a ‘people pleaser’ forever. I will stress when I can tell someone really does not like me. I won’t go out of my way to change their opinion because I have learned that once someone has made up their mind to not like you there is next to nothing you can do to change that. But I will stress about it and it makes me uncomfortable to be around these people.

Its time to change. Over the last few months I have tried a couple different strategies to correct this. Simply smiling and directing my thoughts to something happier was not all that effective. Thanks to my wonderfully active overthinking, people’s attitude towards me would pop right back into my head a few minutes later. So ignoring the issue was not working.

The thing that helped the best is remembering that another person’s reaction to you is coming from their own experiences. Basically, the person who snapped at me generally has more problems than I do. Everyone has a different background and if you are maintaining your individuality then there are people you will come across who will not like you. Embrace yourself. There is no one else in the world exactly like you. So instead of trying to conform to how people think you should be enjoy your individuality.

Now, when there is someone (or people) that treat me with incivility I simply recite this quote…


Then I laugh it off. From that point on, any time my obsessive brain brings it up I force myself to smile. Its to good of a day to allow their attitude to disrupt my peace. I believe this works better because I am laughing it off. Instead of simply trying to force my brain back into a happy place I am able to reach that place because I am laughing and giving myself a pat on the back at the same time. Standing up for myself is me simply not allowing people to push my boundaries.

People can be very vindictive and you are not going to be able to please everyone you come across. If they have a problem with you that is not your fault. That’s theirs. Your not going to be able to change that. Live with it and forget about who ever it is. They are not worth your time. You have much bigger things to worry about than a few people out of the billions of people out there that does not like you.

Be yourself and happiness will be yours. Trying to adapt to people’s view of how you should be is the worst thing you can focus your energy on. Everyone is different with their own strengths and weaknesses. You are part of this world to bring it your version of joy! Focus on yourself and you will live a happy life!

If you would like help in this area feel free to contact me!

Do you love snow?

As I get older, I find getting excited about snow harder and harder.

Now when I see snow falling from the sky I think about road conditions, shoveling my driveway, and cleaning my puppies from their snow shenanigans.

When I was younger you would rarely see me inside on a snow day. I loved to cross country ski, build snowman, and ice castles! But now I tend to just grumble about the inconvenience of it all. If I go out at all its typically to going hiking. The forest is so calm during the winter. I feel relax and connected when I am out amongst the trees with snow clinging to every branch.


This year I am going to make an effort to love the snow. I am going to learn how to snowboard! Or maybe take up snowshoeing! Who knows what might stick. The only thing that is certain is that I will make an effort to get back in touch with this season.

If you are not a snow lover take some time this year to try to enjoy being outside during the winter. Just remember to bundle up!

How to make those New Years resolutions stick

As we enter 2020 its time to commit to a healthier lifestyle

The common way to go about this is to come up with a few New Years resolutions.

Things like eat less sugar, exercising more, and reducing stress. Typically, we cling to these resolutions by making drastic changes in our lifestyle that are not sustainable. After only a few months its easy to fall off the band wagon. You tried so hard for a long time but life gets in the way, and you fall back on old patterns. However, I am here to tell you that there is an easier way to make those resolutions stick.

A simple decision that will improve every aspect of your life while making small easy to implement changes into your busy lifestyle that will last.

Commit to a Health Coach!

People really do not have time to do the research, figure out what works, and commit to those changes. Between our busy schedules and vast amount of information out there its hard to know where you fit in. As a Health Coach we are dedicated to YOU. We help guide you on your journey to a better lifestyle by developing strategies that fit into your life without complicating it. We have extensive training on different diets, how to curb cravings, and how to create a stress free life.

Its time to commit to taking care of yourself. Start the New Year off right!

Give me a call at (518)944-5762 or email me (pleonard1422@gmail.com) for information. I can make losing weight, becoming more confident, and maintaining a good healthy lifestyle easier than you ever thought possible!

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Why I am excited about being a Health Coach

Making the decision to start training as a Integrative Nutrition Health Coach was literally one of the best I have made. Not only am I learning how to help people but I am learning so much that will improve my life.

I learned that most major health issues start in the body as inflammation. Now I am on a war path to stop taking in foods that increase inflammation for me and my husband. I have also learned how to find what foods you are sensitive to, and the best ways to avoid those. Also, I am coming into contact with foods that I have never tried before.

Now all I want to do is share my knowledge with anyone that is looking to improve their overall health. Being healthy has always been a goal of mine. I thought when I was younger that this goal came in the form of Athletic Training, and spent years learning about the human body, injuries, and how to correct them. But honestly that was not where I wanted to be in life. No, I want to help people who have never been given the chance to truly understand how to be healthy. Or they know what to do but are having a hard time making changes that stick.

I have spent the past few years dialing in on what will give me the healthiest life for my husband, my family, myself, and any potential children I might have. Taking the Integrative Nutrition course was exactly what I was looking for! I wanted to know the why behind our health crisis and how to make those changes happen in my life. Now that I have a better understanding of this I am looking forward to helping as many people as possible. Its going to be a great new adventure!

Rejuvenate Health Coaching

Check out my new career at www.rejuvenateinschoharie.com and contact me if you are looking to turn 2020 into the best year of your life!

Christmas 2019

This Christmas was wonderful!

Nancy had her first Christmas ever 🙂 Both her and Sid had such a good time. He was even brave enough to conquer the scary wrapping paper to get to his new toys!

Nancy is trying to eat the white tufts on Sid’s Santa outfit.

Nancy wasn’t the only one to enjoy Christmas for the first time! My two cute nieces got to get into the holiday spirit as well.

So cute!!! This year has been amazing and I am looking forward to 2020. Good luck in the New Year everyone!!

Family First This Christmas

Everyone gets all excited around Christmas. Thanks to advertising on T.V. and in stores its not hard to forget whats important about the holidays…your family.

My family is bigger this year by two cute little baby girls. Due to this we are restructuring our Christmas traditions which has given me a good amount to think about.

I did not really know what I was expecting to do for Christmas this year. What I wanted the most is time with my family, my puppies, and my husband’s family.


As you get older Christmas becomes less about the presents and more about the people in your lives. Sure you might have to drive all over to see your family and your significant others family. But its worth it!

When I think of Christmas I do not focus on what awesome presents I got one year or another. In all honestly, I could not even remember the presents as much as the feeling I got. When you are all gathered in the living room, the energy in the air is filled with excitement, and you are just enjoying the process of giving and receiving. It creates such a wholesome feeling that I believe people associate that with the presents.

But it’s not! It’s about the laughter, joy, and love that you are sharing with the people most close to you. The ones who have been with you from the beginning! The energy boosts your soul and makes you feel connected 🙂 Its worth so much more than the lump of material you are unwrapping.

So while your family is enjoying this Christmas make sure to take time to breath and focus on how wonderful you are feeling! The Holiday’s are about being with the people you love 🙂 Hug them tighter, love them more, and make sure to tell them how much they mean to you!

Top three greens you should be eating everyday

Greens are loaded with multiple different micro-nutrients that are essential to a healthy life. Specifically Calcium, Iron, Potassium, Vitamin K, A and C. As well as good quantities of chlorophyll, and fiber.

All of these nutrients add up to some seriously wonderful health benefits. From strengthening your immune system to preventing cancer, greens are known to be most effective in maintaining your bodies overall health.

Try to stick to dark leafy greens. Yes, that means iceberg lettuce is not a good substitute for your healthy greens. Here are the top three vegetables you should make a staple in your diet.


This wonderful green is well known. Broccoli is a cruciferous vegetable that helps to decrease the inflammation within the body. Jam packed with Vitamin C Broccoli also contains Sulforophane. Researchers are currently exploring the anti-cancer effects of this compound which is also found in our next go to green.


Kale is pretty amazing. One of the main things that is unique to Kale is the Omega 3&6 fatty acids. They help control inflammation in your body. There is also a high content of Calcium in Kale and can be used instead of milk to gain the correct amounts your body needs without the horrible complications that come from being lactose intolerant.

Green Cabbage

This is a versatile green. Cabbage can be fermented into sauerkraut, which helps to maintain a healthy gut, or eaten raw. Raw Cabbage is one of the best ways to get all of the antioxidants that this green has to offer. These antioxidants are similar to both broccoli and kale meaning that cabbage is wonderful at decreasing inflammation and boosting immunity. Make a cabbage slaw or salad with carrots, and a nice vinaigrette!

Eating a diet high in these types of greens will give your body the strength it needs to fight of disease, and even reduce the risk of cancer. So whatever you like to eat, try to make an effort to get these in your diet. If the thought of eating greens makes you sick try looking into good supplements that will give you at least some of the health benefits they have to offer. Look for supplements containing Sulforophane. Good luck and happy eating!

If you are looking for someone to help you find a diet that work specifically for you please contact me at pleonard1422@gmail.com for more information.

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Christmas Laughs

Here are some Christmas laughs for those of you feeling stressed this season!


Take some time out of Christmas shopping and try to enjoy this wonderful Holiday. If you are not enjoying it then you are not doing it right! Now go out and bake some Christmas Cookies!!