Achieve your goals: Rule 1

First and foremost: Rule One: Learn how to set an achievable goal Ok, yeah that seems simple I know. But how many times have you set a goal that you did not stick with? Most of us, have a habit of setting a goal that takes multiple steps to achieve. If your goal seems toContinue reading “Achieve your goals: Rule 1”

Simple Ways to Stay Happy

How do you stay happy? Even when you are going through issues that are anything but happy. Here are five simple ways to trick your brain into happiness no matter what you are currently going through. Smile So simple right? Just using the muscles on your face to smile will kick your brain to startContinue reading “Simple Ways to Stay Happy”

I am Happy! Why not you too?

You know why I am happy?? I choose to be! Its as simple as that! Right now we, as a country, are going through a pretty big problem. Now we can choose to worry, stress, and think about all the horrible possibilities that the news constantly throws in our face. Or could we just acceptContinue reading “I am Happy! Why not you too?”

Make a mistake into something beautiful

Every once in a while when I start a painting something goes wrong and I have to start over. An idea that I was trying to develop stalled and I scraped it to start over. A few months back I was going through the canvases that I had and found one of these scraped canvases.Continue reading “Make a mistake into something beautiful”

Have inflammation? Here is what to do about it.

Inflammation in the body can lead to many health problems if not corrected. Granted the bodies process of inflammation is important with acute injuries as it is there to make sure your body protects and heals the newly damaged tissue. But when there is unchecked inflammation within the body problems will start to arise suchContinue reading “Have inflammation? Here is what to do about it.”