Achieve your goals: Rule 1

First and foremost:

Rule One: Learn how to set an achievable goal

Ok, yeah that seems simple I know. But how many times have you set a goal that you did not stick with? Most of us, have a habit of setting a goal that takes multiple steps to achieve. If your goal seems to hard to accomplish then interest wanes and we start to lose focus.

Not all people are like this. Some have the ability to laser focus, and push through.

Now, how do we get to this? By setting S.M.A.R.T goals


Detail out your goal. Get as specific as possible. Write out the who, what, where, when down. Then write out what could stop you from achieving that goal. By doing this you gain clarity, focus, and are able to establish a more feasible timeline to accomplish your goal.

Instead of ‘I want to exercise more’ it would go something like ‘I want to go to the gym three days a week starting November 1st.’ By doing this you are giving your self actionable steps towards accomplishing your goal in a timely manner.


Write out the steps you need to take to get to your goal. Put this somewhere you will see every day and cross things out as you complete them. Allowing you to measure the progress of your goal so that you have a better understanding of when your goal will be completed.


This is the tricky one right? We all have this idea of who we are and what we want to be like. Sometimes we are focused on doing what we think we should be doing and not following our true core desires. So when you set these goals check-in with your true self to see if you believe this goal aligns with who you are.


Be honest with your self. Does this goal fit into your schedule? Will you take time out of your day to be willing to work on this? How committed are you? What is driving you, and is it enough to push you through?


Map your goal timeline in. Coordinate the steps to accomplish your goal with a calendar. This gives you a clearly defined deadline that you have to answer for. Which should give you the motivation to see this out.

Stay tuned for Rule # 2 and 3 in achieving your goals.

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