Simple Ways to Stay Happy

How do you stay happy?

Even when you are going through issues that are anything but happy.

Here are five simple ways to trick your brain into happiness no matter what you are currently going through.


So simple right? Just using the muscles on your face to smile will kick your brain to start releasing the happy hormones! Try holding a smile for about five seconds during a trying time and notice how much better you feel. Read more about this in my post Smile!


Now this seems harder right? No one feels like laughing when they are upset. But even by forcing yourself to laugh you release the tension and relax. Granted laughing like a loon in the middle of a work related meeting is probably not the best idea. Maybe, instead, try to make other people laugh with a well placed joke. Check out my post on Laugh at Least Once a Day for more information.


There has been multiple studies on the health benefits of simply saying ‘thank you’. Being thankful of what you have and where you are in life is a surefire way to become a happier person. Not that you have to settle for what you have. Always strive for a better you. But try to be thankful of the process and believe in the knowledge that you will get to where you want to be in the right time. Check out my post Say Thank You for more information.

Eat Clean

Processed food is jam packed with preservatives that are absolutely bad for your body. One of the worse things is the overload on your liver. The liver can only do so much. If it is overloaded you are more likely to get angry easier, snap, and feel frustrated. But if your body is being fed with good nutrition you feel better. If you need help with this ready my post on Top Three Greens you Should be Eating Everyday. for more information.

Make another person happy

Have you ever noticed that when you make another person happy you feel better? Making someone laugh when they are sad, helping someone with a project, or telling another person a good joke can truly make you enjoy life more. So get out there and enjoy brightening up someones day.

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