I am Happy! Why not you too?

You know why I am happy??

I choose to be!

Its as simple as that! Right now we, as a country, are going through a pretty big problem. Now we can choose to worry, stress, and think about all the horrible possibilities that the news constantly throws in our face. Or could we just accept this and still choose to relax and enjoy life?

Look into Sid’s (puppy featured below) eyes and tell me you can’t find something you are happy for! Or that you enjoy and makes you happy.

Life is all about how you decide to live it. Are you going to focus on the bad? Or the best?

I challenge you to wake up every day and think of three things that make you happy. Pretty soon you’ll start enjoying the little things. Instead of focusing on the horrible things.

Lets all be happy together!!!

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Published by Choose2BeHappy

Its time to become a better person. You with me?

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