Make a mistake into something beautiful

Every once in a while when I start a painting something goes wrong and I have to start over.

An idea that I was trying to develop stalled and I scraped it to start over.

A few months back I was going through the canvases that I had and found one of these scraped canvases. It was a simple background. Just yellow to green. But not blended as well as I would have liked.

So I decided then to make something out of this. I found a few pictures of this beautifully colorful bird and got to work.

I did not have a direction I just allowed myself to do what felt natural for the painting in the moment. Which is not normal for me.

Typically I take a few days of planning before I start on a new canvas, and I always have a solid idea of what I am going to do next.

But with this mistake canvas I allowed my intuition to produce what felt right. Now I have this beautiful painting that I get to hang up in my house that I truly loved. I am happy with how this came out! What do you think?

The next time you make a mistake in any area of your life look at what you can do to turn it around. How would you make that mistake into something beautiful?

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