Does music affect your emotions?

Most people are going to respond to that with a resounding ‘Yes’! least I know I would. If you ever second guess this pay attention to the music in different types of movies. Thriller music affects you in a different way then an action movie. Even though both of those genres are made to increase your heart-rate they use different tempos that put you in a certain state of mind for the purpose of that scene.

I use music to pump me up or calm me down. When I am having a bad day I throw on some rock music. Something that matches my attitude. But when I am relaxed I will put on something softer.

Lately I have been trying to use music to calm myself down. I listen to something like the 2Cellos or Lindsey sterling. Basically classical with a twist. Its like the best of both worlds. This has the faster tempo with a smoother delivery.

My husband and I play music. He is the real musician playing a range of different instruments. I stick to wind instruments, and I’m not all that great. But I can still find joy in playing songs when I need to relax. My husband will play the drums when he needs to release some tension, or the guitar when he is working out a problem in his head. Either way creating music can be one of the most relaxing experiences or the most invigorating. It all depends on the tempo.

How do you use music in your life? What type of music makes you happy?

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