Water and Digestion

I learned something pretty interesting.

Do you know that its actually not recommended that you drink water while eating a meal? I know weird right?

A nutritional biochemist Libby Weaver in her article ‘3 ways better eating habits can improve your digestion’ explains the importance to holding off on drinking water while eating. She recommends to not drink 30 mins before or after your meal.

The science behind this is simple.

Our stomach is typically around 1.7 pH. This level of acidity is important for proper digestion. A typical glass of water is around 7 pH. So if you are drinking a full glass of water during your meal you have the ability to bring your stomach’s acidity down and this will actually impede digestion.

That coupled with not chewing your food properly can greatly increase the incidence of things like irritable bowl syndrome, GI discomfort, or other GI related issues. It will also decrease the overall amount of nutrients you are able to get out of the food you are currently eating.

So what do you do about this?

Simple, keep your water intake to in between meals and if you really need to have water use lemon or apple cider vinegar to increase the acidity of your water slightly so you can lessen the impact.

Check out my other post on Water! for other benefits of this wonderful element!

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