Entertainment During the COVID-19

This was the first weekend that I really felt the affects of the COVID-19

Social distancing, people being afraid, grocery stores sold out of whole aisles, and everything shutting down. All of this has made it impossible not to feel worried, and a little stir crazy.

So how did you deal with this over the weekend? Did you do a little spring cleaning? Start a project you have been putting off for months? Learn something new? Start a new T.V. show?

I did a few things. I varnished the Pennywise painting for my husband, started a new painting (see below) for my Dad, and started learning how to play the Mandolin. My goal was to stay focused on anything other than what is going on in the world.

Granted this does not mean that I was not aware of what the new changes were. I just gave myself outlets to allow for peace of mind during this process.

My goal next weekend will be to develop a better meditation practice, transfer the horse painting onto a canvas, and learn a new song or two on the Mandolin. During the week I will be working out, adding to the horse painting, and finding new/fun ways to create meals out of what I could find at the store.

I challenge you to find something to keep your mind busy during this Pandemic. Would cooking something new be fun? Trying your hand at some creative project you have always wanted to try? Reading a new book? Whatever it is make it fun and enjoyable.

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