Valentine’s Day!

Today is the national day to remember to show your love to the person you are with.

It is always a good thing to have a day specifically for love but this should not be the only day you celebrate it!

Sure Valentine’s Day comes with all that wonderful candy, flower displays, and commercials for buying expensive jewelry that remind you to appreciate this day. But do you ever feel stressed or pressured to make this day stand out? To do something that will always be remembered by the one you love? To top the year before?Or to simply just remember to stop by the store buy some candy and flowers?

Stress should never be associated with a day set aside for showing your one and only how much you care about them.

Love is not built on grand gestures. Sure, they help! But its about the little things.

Remembering to brush your love ones car off before they have to go to work. Doing the dishes. Making sure to kiss your significant other before they leave the house or go to bed. A shoulder to cry on and a cheerleader when they step out of their comfort zone to do something better. I could give you so many other examples of what love is built on.

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Love is not materialist. It’s the want/need to be with someone without grand gestures.

So if your significant other forgets to get you a card with some flowers today do not get upset. Go give them a hug and tell them you love them. Remind them that you are always there to support them. That. Right there. Means more than any other materialistic thing they could ever want!

If you want to be a truly happy person. Stop looking for the materialistic gifts. Focus on the way they show their love to you, and you will live a happy life. Enjoy!

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