Positivity Vs. Negativity


A couple of days ago I started to read ‘Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude” By Napoleon Hill. The first part of the book spends a lot of time talking about PMA vs. NMA. PMA stands for positive mental attitude and NMA stands for negative mental attitude. The author describes these two as two sides of the same coin. One can get you anything you have ever desired and the other will repel anything good that can come into your life. Its all about how to approach things. After reading ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by the same author I already had a good idea that to get head in life I need to fix my mental structure.

I think a lot of us have to do that. We spend every day with negative things thrown at us from every angle. Just pay attention to the news anytime you need to see how negative the world can be. Every story has been sensationalized to draw attention, and people are attracted to the negative things in life. Who got shot the other day, who is to blame for all our political issues, what court trails are happening, or who made what mistake and how its affecting everyone. Go take two minutes to look up how caffeine affects you. You will see just as many negative affects as you will see positive. No matter what, to be a positive person in this world takes hard work.

So by channeling the PMA side of the coin. You are essentially making a decision to approach life with an open mind. Now you will start seeing possibilities instead of problems. Seriously, its as simple as that! Once you focus on the good you can see more good around you. Ever notice that when one bad thing happens and you react negatively towards that you are generally rewarded with more bad things? That is what is happens when you switch to PMA! Give it a try! You never know what might happen!

If you find this difficult and are in need of a guide to get through this please contact me. As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach I am trained to help people find the good in their life and to stick with it. For more information check out my website at www.rejuvenateinschoharie.com.

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Its time to become a better person. You with me?

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