Who needs a little cuteness today?

Who needs some cuteness?

What I mean is who needs a good dose of happy hormones to get them through the day?

Our bodies are amazing pieces of bio-machinery! Just looking at a cute picture will initiate the process of release hormones that makes you happy.

Our brain gets excited and says “hey that is pretty adorable and we like this!” cue the happy feelings ASAP! Same thing goes for when you are confronted with something that is upsetting or makes you angry.

This essentially means that if you want to feel better you need to do is trigger a happy response from your brain. I have written about how to trick your brain to be happy in Smile!, Say Thank You!, and Laugh at Least Once a Day. Check these tricks out and apply them to your life!

I will start you off the right way today with some cute pictures of my adorable puppies!

To actually make the trick work you need to let yourself feel. You need to look at whatever cute picture you like and embrace the emotion. Sink in. Breathe out all of the bad. Try doing this any time you are really upset. Put a cute picture in your wallet, or place one at your desk. Whatever you do make it accessible. Then anytime you need a pick me up gaze at the cute picture and embrace how it makes you feel. Be present and your brain will do the rest!

There are many other ways to ‘trick’ your brain. If you are interested please contact me @pleonard1422@gmail.com!

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