Why I am excited about being a Health Coach

Making the decision to start training as a Integrative Nutrition Health Coach was literally one of the best I have made. Not only am I learning how to help people but I am learning so much that will improve my life.

I learned that most major health issues start in the body as inflammation. Now I am on a war path to stop taking in foods that increase inflammation for me and my husband. I have also learned how to find what foods you are sensitive to, and the best ways to avoid those. Also, I am coming into contact with foods that I have never tried before.

Now all I want to do is share my knowledge with anyone that is looking to improve their overall health. Being healthy has always been a goal of mine. I thought when I was younger that this goal came in the form of Athletic Training, and spent years learning about the human body, injuries, and how to correct them. But honestly that was not where I wanted to be in life. No, I want to help people who have never been given the chance to truly understand how to be healthy. Or they know what to do but are having a hard time making changes that stick.

I have spent the past few years dialing in on what will give me the healthiest life for my husband, my family, myself, and any potential children I might have. Taking the Integrative Nutrition course was exactly what I was looking for! I wanted to know the why behind our health crisis and how to make those changes happen in my life. Now that I have a better understanding of this I am looking forward to helping as many people as possible. Its going to be a great new adventure!

Rejuvenate Health Coaching

Check out my new career at www.rejuvenateinschoharie.com and contact me if you are looking to turn 2020 into the best year of your life!

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