Enjoy the process

So many people are focused on the finish line. Get a job, then kids and settle in.

But people tend to focus so hard on the end goal that they forget to enjoy the process.

Sometimes I force myself to stop and just breath in the moment. Enjoy where I am and how far I have to go. There is no rush to the end line because I know that I have time before I need to accomplish my goals.

Sometimes you have those really interesting moments that you know you will tell people about until your old and gray. But if you are so focused on the finish line those moments are going to go by so fast. You’ll end up regretting that you did not stop to embrace them.

I am in the transition zone now. I got married a year ago and people constantly ask me when I’m going to have a family. My answer is always ‘when I’m ready’. I don’t feel ready to focus completely on developing a child. I have a lot I need to work on first.

I want to bring a child into the world when I know I can give them the best version of my self. Is that in a year or in five? No idea! We will have to see. But rushing to the next stage in life takes the joy out of the current stage you are in!

Enjoy where you are in life. You are always going to be evolving. So give yourselve time to take in where you are and how far you have come. Don’t rush to the end line. Its time to pat yourself on the back and breath in the good times.

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