What is a Integrative Nutrition Health Coach?

Starting January, I will be practicing as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. This experience has been an enlightening one, and I am very thankful to have started this journey. I believe that Health Coaching is going to become more prominent in the next few years as people start to become more health conscious. With our busy lifestyles, typically, we do not spend enough time taking care of our health. To have someone who is dedicated to putting in time for researching how to create a healthy lifestyle with in your busy schedule would be pretty awesome now wouldn’t it? Someone that will hold you accountable to your goals, and walk you through the vast amount of nutritional recommendations to find what works for you.

At Integrative Nutrition they train their health coaches to work with not only the nutritional aspect of their clients lives but also everything else. How are their relationships? Career? Spirituality? and Activity? A lack in any of these important areas can present in sugar cravings, inability to sleep, weight gain or loss, and low energy. The goal is to create a completely healthy lifestyle in every area of your life.

There has been a big push towards healthy living in the last few years. Doctors are starting to suggest a change in life style more frequently to address multiple different health conditions. There are so many different conflicting nutritional recommendations out there. Low Carb, gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, raw food, and ect. How are you supposed to figure out which one works for you? Health Coaches make this process easy to handle. We will help develop a plan that makes you reach your full potential. We figure out the problem areas in your life and adjust a strategy that will instill lifestyle changes.

Everyone needs a helping hand every once in a while. Most of the time we allow your health to fall by the wayside in our busy lives. Think of your health coach as your support system to help you achieve that healthy lifestyle you have always been looking for! Its going to be 2020 in a month! Lets start off the new year right!

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