Convert frustration into your advantage

We all get frustrated over one thing or another.

If you are frustrated with where you are in life do something to change it. If you hate your job and it brings you a lot of stress than turn inward. Find what makes you happy and take the steps to turn that into your job. ‘If there isn’t a door make one’. Focus that energy into something that will make your life better.

Problems are put in front of you to test you. If you are not happy with your current situation then you need to evaluate it. Is the universe putting you through this because it wants you to fight for better? I believe 100% that is what is happening. You are given situations that push you towards what your purpose is in life. So many of us ignore this because its comfortable to stay where you are at. But if you take the chance and you convert your frustration into the energy to change your life. Everything will get better.

Remember that everything is a lesson. No matter what you are going through you are being taught something valuable. So instead of rolling over and bemoaning the world for not being fair, flip the switch. Become what you want out of life. Make your current situation your fuel to finding your true calling. You can do anything you put your mind to. It just might take time to develop so do not give up!

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Its time to become a better person. You with me?

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