Don’t hold out

As I have mentioned before I just finished training at my job for a new position. Something happened today that really resonated with me. When a person is teaching someone they need to make sure that whoever they are teaching has all the skills they need. Do not hold out on something simply because you like to know more than the people around you.

Its totally understandable for someone to know more about their particular set of skills than someone new. But when they withhold important information so that they have a one up on the next person. Are they really winning in that situation? When a problem arises and they are not there to deal with it then things can go very wrong.

But if you train someone full disclosure that person is more likely able to handle issues when they are not around. Leading to less work for them in the long run.

Remember that you should always take pride in your work but if that means you need to withhold information you need to rethink the situation. Who knows? You might learn something in the process. So if your out there teaching someone new give them all the tools they need. Your job might just get easier.

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