Its cold!

It seems like Fall was a blink this year. Now we are in the beginnings of snow season, and It was COLD out there this morning! Not many people truly love winter. How can you when the very idea of going outside in these temperatures makes you start shivering? But lets try to remember how much fun we use to have in the snow when we were younger.

Not only did we get to make snowmen, drink hot chocolate, and go sledding but we also got SNOW DAYS! They were the best! I remember spending so much time in the snow that coming back inside hurt! Your hands and feet burned until they warmed up. A warm cup of hot coco always did the trick though.

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But as an adult it can be hard to get behind scraping our cars, salting the driveway, and paying the heating bill. I think we need to connect with our inner child when we start to get frustrated over winter weather. Remember how fun it use to be, and then go try to find that fun again. This cycle is important for next years crops to grow strong, and I like to think of it as the world resting. However you rationalize it to yourself you cannot escape it so instead of begrudging the whole season try to find some joy in it.

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