Happy Monday!

Today is Monday and if you are like me its the first day in a long week of work. Normally people spend the day bemoaning the start of the week and longing for the weekend. But lets flip the switch today!

Instead of focusing on how long the week is going to take try being grateful! I am happy to have this job. It allows me to live my life in relative comfort. I feed my adorable puppies on the income it generates, and there are some really great people there I am glad I met!

Everyone always dreams of not needing to work. At least I do sometimes 🙂 and what we do when we think like that is we put our jobs in a bad light. That creates resentment towards the main resource in our lives. We spend more time at our jobs than out of it so its time to create a happier life and enjoy what we have!

So while you are at work today look around. Really take in your surroundings and be thankful. Not everyone has what you have. Its time to become happy!!

Published by Choose2BeHappy

Its time to become a better person. You with me?

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