Have a cold? Try tricking your brain :)

No one likes having a cold. The coughing, sneezing, and lack of sleep is hard to deal with in the busy life style we hold.

Our brains can be the most powerful tool in getting over a cold. The beautiful thing about that wonderful lump of gray mass in that it can be tricked rather easily. You see this often in very positive people. Negative people have a tendency to focus really hard on how bad they are feeling. Where with positive people they tend to focus on the areas that are improving.

Last week I got one of those lovely little chest colds, and I decided to put this to the test. Instead of focusing on how bad I felt I tried to think of at least three ways a day that I was feeling better. This helped keep me in a positive mindset. It might not have actually sped the healing process, though there is evidence to suggest this happens, but it did make going through my cold not a bad as usual.

One thing I would like to say about treating your cold is to pay attention to sugar. I am currently in the process of riding all refined sugar and refined carbohydrates out of my diet. They are incredibly bad for your overall health. But one of the main things that sugar does is increase inflammation. You can see how this would bother you if you are already in a inflamed state.

One of my go to’s when sick is Halls cough drops. Normally I live on those when I have a cold. But the other day I decided to check the packaging to see how much sugar each cough drop contains. There is nothing to indicate the exact amount but I found that it had red 40 and sucrose in it. Red 40 is dye and has been linked to cancer. So I immediately stopped using these.

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I wanted to share the cough drop story just to show you how something simple like this can be overall bad for your health. The worse part about it is that it is literally made to make you feel better during a cold but is comprised of bad ingredients that will hurt you in the long run. Not worth it in my opinion.

So the next time you are feeling under the weather try focusing on how your improving verses how bad you feel. Focus on making sure you are taking medicine that will actually help and not hurt you. You might surprise your self on how much easier it is to get better.


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