What makes you feel better?

How do you make yourself feel better when your sick? I am feeling a little under the weather today. It can be hard to be positive when your feeling bad. But I have two amazing little bundles of joy that make me feel better. Yup, you guessed it, I am talking about my cute puppies!!

I came home today with the intention of finding the nearest horizontal surface to pass out on. Instead I got bombarded with excited puppies! I am truely amazed at how seeing their faces made my headache hurt less. Now I get to spend the rest of the day snuggling with them 🙂 take a look at their cute shenanigans..

Yes…I am wearing christmas pajama pants and a halloween shirt. I haven’t figured out which holiday I like best 🤣 have a good day!

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Its time to become a better person. You with me?

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