How I decided to deal with my work stress today

I put stress relief tea in the travel mug with my companies logo on it. Lately, it has been really stressful at work. I am learning a new test from someone who is very hard to work with. I also have to maintain responsibilities from my old position because the replacement for my job broke her foot the day before her first day. This has created a lot of stress for me and honestly I was not dealing with it well.

So this morning I decided to trick my brain. I stared at the words stress relief and DSM this morning. I forced myself to feel happy about going to work. Every time I took a sip from my mug I told myself I would have a good day at work.

When I got to work and the person who is training me was rude I forced myself to remember the above image. Stress is created within ourselves. We allow things to bother us. The next time you become stressed think of why its good that you are in this situation now. Remember to breathe! Enjoy your Halloween!!!

Published by Choose2BeHappy

Its time to become a better person. You with me?

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