Its all in your approach

Your approach to situations in your life is how you control your emotional stability. If you fly off the handle any time something even slightly inconvenient happens your health is going to suffer. We all like when everything goes perfectly to plan but we also know that usually does not happen. So taking steps to increase your adaptability in life will support your happiness over the years.

Things like stopping to take a breath, focusing on the good aspects, or grounding yourself are great ways to keep your emotional state stable. When I say grounding I mean the practice of noticing things in your vicinity. People who suffer from panic attacks tend to use this technique when they are first noticing signs of an attack. They simply look around and notice what is near them; a chair, the door, some flowers. By focusing on these things they are forcing their brain to focus on the objects and not on what might have triggered their panic attack.

Whatever you do to calm yourself try applying those techniques when you are approaching something that might increase your anxiety. Also, just simply approaching everything you do with an open mind and happy attitude will make things better. Getting upset when things do not go right is normal but your shooting yourself in the foot if you are approaching things with the idea that its already going to be bad. Go out today and great everything new with an open mind and a happy heart!

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