Look within yourself!

If you are looking for a better life you need to start with yourself first. So many people, including me, look to other people to make us happy. We tend to put to much value on how others perceive us. Whether that is your parents, significant other, or your social media following, you make their opinion matter to you. But if you truly want to be happy you need to look within yourself first.

You need to love yourself before you can truly love another. If you do not then you will more than likely put your happiness at their feet. How they make you feel will be what gets you through. If you have found your one and only. The person that fixes all the holes that other people have made. Then this person will help you learn to love yourself. They will show you all the good and support your journey to a better self.

But if that is not the case, then your lack of love for yourself can be destructive. They will more than likely make you hate yourself more. To avoid this all together you need to be at peace with who you are before you allow another person into your personal space. Take care of yourself first!

You need to develop yourself first before you can get what you want in life. Not many people know exactly what they want from the get go. Most of the time life takes you on windy little back roads to your purpose. You need to find what you want in life and go for it. Put in the work and you will get what you want. Love yourself and who you have become to get to this stage in life. Its all about the journey!

No matter what you are trying to do if you look inwards and work on yourself first what you want will come to you in the best of ways!

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Its time to become a better person. You with me?

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