Don’t be THAT person…

We all know who i’m talking about. You know, the person who has a bad day and tries to hurt everyone around them. I know a few, and can honestly say I was that person once in a while. When you are hurting emotionally, and you are immature you want everyone to feel how you feel. Its so easy to snap at someone when your in a bad mood. Its a lot harder to respond calmly when your upset.

Serving tables taught me this. You learn how to control yourself better when all your income depends on it. Most of the time people are really wonderful. But every once in a while I would get a table of very unhappy people. Maintaining my professionalism and not allowing their actions to instigate a reaction from me became important. Or when I did have that bad table and it put me into a bad mood I would still have to maintain a happy face no matter what. Some people have never been in a position like that. So they go about their lives treating everyone around them bad on days they are not happy.

Ultimately its really not OK to lash out at others for your own bad mood. Remember that everyone is going through their own problems and its important to not hurt someone for no reason. You never know how your actions affect another person. So the next time you are having a bad day, and feel the need to lash out, stop and think. Do they deserve this? How will my reaction affect my future relationship with this person? Or, will lashing out at this person really make me feel better?

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Its time to become a better person. You with me?

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