How to get through a rough day.

I’m having one of those today. A rough day can really make you second guess the reason behind being positive. Its these days that matter. The ones that you are feeling so frustrated and upset that the very idea of positivity makes you want to scream at the world saying ‘this shouldn’t be so hard!’. These are the times that improvement happens. Its easy to stay positive when you are in a positive mood. Not so much when you are feeling frustrated. A bad day can start from any situation that can cause you stress, and its your reaction to those stressors that separates you from the negative people in life.

Mine started today with my older dog Sid not wanting to eat his food. If you have read my previous post about ‘How I saved my sanity by changing my dogs food.’ You know that I go above and beyond for those dogs, and him not eating his food is kind of ironic. When Sid calmly walks up to his bowl sees his least favorite meal of the week and then walks away with a swish of his tail, depending on the day, I see red. It makes me want to grab him by his cute little face, stare deeply into his eyes, and yell ‘there are starving dogs everywhere that would do just about anything for this food’!! On days that start positively I can calmly tell myself that he is not hungry, and he will eat later in the day. When I start the day on a rough note however, I feel the need to leave the house and never come back. Seriously…he is the worst sometimes.

But after spending the first hour or two of the day frustrated and ranting that Sid can get his own damn food. I had to stop myself. I knew that if I kept on letting it bother me that the rest of the day is going to be ruined. So I gave myself a mental slap, forced a smile, and started talking to people about positive stuff. I kept my smile in place even when things at work were looking glum. This is where you see change in your mental patterns. When you are able to tell yourself that the only way to feel better today is to fake it until you make it.

You are the only one in your way when it comes to your own happiness. Before I started on my journey to a better self I would wallow in my frustration. I would spend the entire day with a bad attitude and things would only ever get worse. But now I try my hardest to pull myself out of a bad mental space. Its a good day to be a happy person, and I will stop at nothing to make it better. So enjoy today and do not let anything stop you!

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Its time to become a better person. You with me?

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