Become a F#$*ing Lion!!!!!

When I first started my Journey to a better head space I started my day off listening to motivational music. I really needed a jump start on the day, and this would do the trick. I would listen to someone telling me that if I want something better in life than I have to make it happen. You do not get things that you haven’t worked for. The motivational music pushed me to keep focused on what I want out of life, and what I would need to do to make that happen. One of my favorites, and the one that pumps me up the most is ‘the Lion’s attitude’.

Before I go farther let me explain exactly why a Lion is something to be revered when you are trying to create a better world for yourself. When a Lion is ready to hunt he sit back and watch a pack of gazelle. When he finally chooses a victim he will stop at nothing to accomplish his goal. Even if another gazelle practically runs into his mouth he will ignore all but the one he decided he wants. Whether this is a good survival practice or not it is something to be admired. It’s also probably why the lionesses spend most of the time hunting.

We can all learn from a Lion’s tenacity. If you want something you have to go for it. Do not let yourself be sidetracked. No matter what that distraction can be you need to be laser focused on your ideal life or you will not reach it. Another reason why we should try to emanate Lion’s is their regalness. A pack of Hyena’s are one of the most dangerous animal groups. They are strong, capable, and together they can take on a Lion. But when you hear a Hyena’s yip comparatively to a Lion’s roar. The Lion’s roar is going to the one that prompts you to go grab a fresh pair of underwear if you get what I’m saying ;-). This is an animal that is completely confident that it can take down whatever comes in his path, because out in the wild you do not get to second guess yourself. In a survival situation you want to be strong enough to take care of yourself. and not rely on your pack to get you out of trouble. So take tenacity and apply it to whatever goal you are trying to accomplish. BE A LION!

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Its time to become a better person. You with me?

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