What I learned at the Father Peyton Dance

This weekend my Husband’s family put on their annual Father Peyton dance which was held at that the Ancient Order of Hibernians Albany chapter house. Its a wonderful atmosphere to be in. So many great people to be around. Between the Irish step dancing and the bag pipe introduction you really feel connected to their history as a culture. This wonderful get together happens ever year to honor Father Peyton and his Rosary Ministry. The Leonard family has a lot to thank him for!

Here is what I was told about Father Peyton, and the miracle that brought so much happiness and joy to the Leonard family. My father-in-law is the second youngest of eight children. However he would not be here today if it wasn’t for the miracle that his father was given. A little after having his fourth child he is at work and falls off a building down six stories onto his back. The doctors did not believe he was going to live let alone walk again. Father Peyton came into the hospital room and prayed over him for a long time. Soon enough he was back on his feet, he went back to work, and lived to have four more children.

This is such a wonderful real life miracle. I think it teaches people that as long as you believe, then there is really nothing strong enough to stop you. If the family and Father Peyton listened to the doctors he would not have been able to live the full life he had. They created a positive enough environment while praying that the universe reacted. You can believe whatever you want to believe. But when there is a real life story about the power to overcome, with the belief that you will get better, its hard not to trust that the universe will always provide. So the next time someone tells you that you can’ t. Shut that belief off with the knowledge that if you trust in yourself, and you do not let anything stop you from what you plan to achieve you will get to live a full and happy life.

Please check out the link below to learn more about Father Peyton. https://www.irish-us.org/events/personal-stories-fr-pat-peyton

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