Kindness is not weakness

There are people in this world that believe showing kindness is showing weakness. That a person who is willing to compromise in a situation is actually the weaker individual. This is not the case. Showing kindness is infinitely more difficult than being rude or uncompromising. If you have ever been in a situation where you have had to bite your tongue to hold back from saying something you cannot take back, you have a good understanding how much harder it is to be nice.

If anyone has ever spent time in the customer service business you can attest to this. It takes a lot more mental fortitude to be kind to someone who is treating you with incivility. I can remember wanting to scream at tables with customers that treated me like I was lower than dirt. Sometimes I would cry on my way back home because I had one too many mean customers that day. Everything in you wants call out the people who treat you horribly but its your job to be nice so if you want to keep your job you reach down, pull up your big girl panties, and treat them like they are the nicest people you know.

There are a lot of other instances where you should be the bigger person, and react with kindness instead of more of the same. Someone bumps into you while your walking, you get caught driving behind a slower driver, or your boss drops a ton of extra work on your desk with an unrealistic due date. No matter what is happening, the person that is able to calm themselves and focus on what really matters is more emotionally centered. If you are reacting to every situation you do not like with anger and fear your life is going to just get harder. So it might be easier for you to freak out anytime something goes wrong but where does that get you? Remember that a simple smile can make you feel better, and you might be surprised at the results of smiling at someone who treated you unkindly. So go out there today and challenge yourself to react with kindness to any situation. Be the bigger person! Who knows how much your life might improve!!

Published by Choose2BeHappy

Its time to become a better person. You with me?

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