Laugh at least once a day.

They always say that laughter is the best medicine. The simple act of laughing releases all those feel good hormones that smiling does. Thanks to these wonderful hormones and the subsequent decreasing of our stress hormones, laughter can actually boost your immune system. When you laugh your body releases antibodies that fight infections which also increases your immune cells. This improves your bodies overall health. Laughing also raises your blood pressure and increases your blood flow which can potentially protect your heart. The amount of good simply laughing can do to your body is amazing.

Laughter not only improves your overall heath but it also can improve your relationships. When we see people laugh our brains react to it much the same way as when we see people smile. Its hard to stay unhappy around someone who is always laughing. When you are seen laughing and smiling you are more approachable. Everyone tend to gravitate towards these people, and their relationships are stronger. So if you are looking for new friends or just want to deepen the relationships you already have start laughing and enjoying life!

Not only can laughter make your body and relationships better but it might actually increase your life expectancy. There was a study done in Norway that suggested people with a good sense of humor typically live longer than those without. Can I give you anymore good reasons you start giggling?? So if you can do yourself one favor every day it would be to laugh. So go out today, enjoy life, and laugh your butt off!!

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