Lets All Take a Deep Breath

Breathing is such a simple thing. A basic need for oxygen, and yet it can calm you down when your stressed. You always hear people telling you to take ten deep breaths when your upset. This practice allows you to calm down by getting more oxygen to your brain, and at the same type stimulating your parasympathetic nerve system. Basically, by stimulating your parasympathetic nerve system you are promoting a state of relaxation.

Your sympathetic nerve system is responsible for your ‘fight or flight’ instincts. When this is stimulated your getting a rush of hormones that are made to defend yourself from a difficult situation. Your parasympathetic nerve system is your ‘rest and digest’ instincts. By stimulating this, your telling your brain that nothing is wrong, and its time to relax. If anyone has ever taken a Yoga class, you have felt how the process of breathing can be relaxing.

Yoga and meditation surround their practices by paying attention to your breath. Surround yourself with calm and relax into the situation your in. Whether its trying not to fall out of downward dog or trying not to pay attention to every little annoying noise in the room, if you focus on breathing its easier. Go take a Yoga class to really see the affects of breathing! If you think Yoga is simply stretching, and not going to get your blood pumping go get Yoga for Warriors by Bob Harper. I grabbed this video up when I was just starting out with Yoga in an attempt to make sure it was going to burn some serious calories. This yoga workout will make you sweat!

It has honestly taken me a long time to be able to calm myself down just by taking a few deep breaths. Before I got on my path to a better me, taking a couple breaths to calm down more resembled a cartoon bull breathing right before they ram their head into something! It takes practice to breath out the frustration but its one of the most effective tools you have when it comes to an immediate need for calmness. I simply focus on breathing out the frustration, and bringing in the calm with every breath. Sometimes it might take one or two breaths and others, like my dog chewing the zipper out of my favorite jacket, might take closer to twenty breaths. But no matter how long, give yourself the time to bring that calm back into your life before you react to a situation. So lets all take a deep breath and have a wonderful day!!



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