Puppy love!


I have two puppies at home. I call them both puppies mainly because they are about the size of a cat. This is actually super adorable because they always stay ‘puppy’ size 🙂

This is Sidney aka “Sid’ or “little man” he is a 5 year old Dorkie
This is Nancy aka “little girl” and she is 9 month old Cockapoo.

These two are just a fountain of love! There really is nothing like the unconditional love you get from taking care of a pet. Whenever I am having a bad day at work and really need to smile I will look at pictures of these two cuties. If something is really frustrating me, I will visualize Sid’s face when he is really happy. Its just so adorable! I just can’t stay upset, and I know that I get to come home to two amazingly adorable puppies every day! So I wanted to start your day off with some cute pics of my puppies! I hope they make you laugh as much as they make me!

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