Lets Begin

This blog is about my own personal growth. I created it to encourage thoughts into your own journey. If i can do it so can you!


Most of you might be familiar with my original blogging cite Womeninjiujitsu. I had such a wonderful time creating posts for that blog. Unfortunately at the current moment I have had to take a few steps back from Jiu-Jitsu as I figure out what my next step within that part of my life. During this time I started to focus on my own personal growth. I have created this blog for multiple reasons.

First and foremost this is a blog dedicated to my own personal growth. Writing is something that I truly enjoy. I hope you all enjoy reading my posts and much as I enjoy creating them! This blog is going to focus on the steps, hurdles, and improvements that I have or will be taking to my efforts to become better each day. Creating these posts will keep me invested in focusing on growing even on days I do not necessarily feel up to being the better version of myself.

The second focus for this blog is to help you! I am hoping that reading along with me on my journey will do one of two things. Jump start your won personal growth and/or be a constant good reinforcement to the path you are currently on to creating a new better you. I am not saying that the way you are at this moment is not good. I am saying that everyone can use a push in the right direction every once in a while. This blog will always be filled with motivational pictures and stories that you can read whenever you need to remember why you started improving.

So enjoy everyone! Lets all start to develop habits and ways of thinking that will better improve our lives and the lives of those around us!

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Its time to become a better person. You with me?

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